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I remember my first Christmas with Jesus, 1997. I was lying in a hot bath and my troubled mind went in to an enquiring conversation with my new found Lord about him having been a baby. This is the relationship that I have with my Daddy and this is how I needed to see it to understand it from where I was then.
Baby Jesus.
Lord Jesus, you are so small, so helpless…so in need. Help me understand my Lord as a baby.

I am a tiny baby, so that it is easy to fit snugly and warmly into your heart.
Although I am helpless, don’t forget I was conceived by the Holy Spirit of God. We are three. Now only Jesus is a baby. God is God and Holy Spirit is God and I am God.

What now Lord Jesus. I have this tiny baby in my heart. What now?

What would it be like if you had given birth to a baby?

Lord that would change my life!
I would have to surround myself with baby things. I’d have to change the way I live.
I’d need room in my house. I’d have to take out some furniture and put new ones in.
I’d have to spend time and money – my old life would be gone.
A baby is so demanding. It needs to be fed and played with. I would talk to it all the time. Sometimes it is hard and I would want to run away. Sometimes it is so cute and rewarding.

What would happen if you did not feed and care and talk with the baby?

Even if I put all its ready made bottles next to it (Bibles all over the house) If I put its clothes, bathwater, nappies all ready and tidy for use; if I walk away and left it alone …. Baby would die!

Do you see why I introduce myself to you as a baby? Not only to go through all the stages ages and family life and hassles as you do, but so that you can know about beginnings.
I have to be fed – Read your Bible.
Talk to me – pray
Make room for me – change your life.

Lord, what happened to you inside of me when I left you?

You ‘died’ to me. I let you choose your way, but I never ever left you.
Don’t you remember? You tried to forget me but you always felt uncomfortable and empty. The weight always pulled you down.
You can never abort me. Even if you die to me.

Then I became alive again through the Holy Spirit. New life in You!

You have to feed me and as I grow I fill up more of you. Eventually my hands grow neatly into yours. I can touch and hug people through you. My head pushes its way into yours – gradually and sometimes with a burst of growth, I look through your eyes and borrow your ears. My Father and I, Holy Spirit and you are all interwoven.

How big are you now in me, Jesus?

At the end, I fill your whole body; then ‘we’ leave this body and go to heaven.

God, you are not a God who revealed Yourself to people in the Bible and then stopped. You are a living God who still talks to us.

A blessed Christmas to you. I wish you Jesus. In Him we have all we need.
My song for you.
(To the tune of Boney M'  Teliz Navidad “I want to wish you a merry Christmas".
I want to wish you a joyful Jesus
I wish to wish you a joyful Jesus
I want to wish you a joyful Jesus
In the centre of your heart.

The Son of God
The Son of God
The Son of God given to us as a token of love

I want to wish you a joyful Jesus
I want to wish you a joyful Jesus
I want to wish you a joyful Jesus
In the centre of your heart.

For He wears the crown
For He wears the crown
For He wears the crown into the Kingdom of love for us
A Christmas present to Jesus. (You can choose your own time to give to Him. Write the letter on a card. Wrap it and put it under your tree with the other presents.)

“Dear Jesus,
This is my gift to you:
30 minutes of every day this year;
I will give to you.
With lots of love,
From ……..............      "

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