Saturday, 31 December 2016

A New Year; A Reason to Live.


The last day of an old year. Just time we try to fence in. God says one day to him is like a thousand years. One day spent with God is better than a thousand elsewhere. Home is where His will is (Reinhard Bonnke said that). May we be in God’s will and may His presence be in our hearts and overflow into whatever happens. We have no idea what will happen, but in His hand, He will take care of us. One purpose in everything; to grow closer and more intimate with God/Jesus through Holy Spirit. Forever grateful for Jesus reconciling us to God and giving us life eternal. A reason to live.
Whatever frame you look through, see God in the picture.

Tuesday, 27 December 2016

My Unusual Usual Christmas

Just covering Christmas 2016 with a blanket and ready to tip-toe out and close the door until the next Christmas 2017.
It has been a pull and tag between reality and spirituality (“longing for my child” versus “I will never leave you”).  Whose birthday is it anyway?  The day I had the instruction to deliver gifts to Christmas day workers on the beach was the day the light of John one went on and displaced the darkness. It was my Lord’s birthday and His joy does not depend on who, what or where or with whom. His grace and His truth has no measure. Wherever the place, it is His place, and because He lives, I rejoice.  Receive-and-believe, believe-and-receive umbilical cord directed by God brings the joy to my heart.
Figure 1 Gifts made up for police, metro police, law enforcement and security Christmas day workers.

The WOW parcel I received from the movie people who are still in the process of making a film on my life story.

And then there was Boxing day. OUR BEAUTIFUL COUNTRY

Key words: Family, cold wind, early.
Brighton beach is sardined with tents, children unpacking sand tools, constructing castles, youngsters kicking ball, teenagers chatting in corners, grannies wrapped in blankets,  brave children bobbing in pool, breakfast preparations, friendly hello to strangers passing by.  And (wait for it) … not one cell phone in sight.

Figure 2 Making Memories. I love these people
Visit to my sister Joan. 19 Dec – 22 Dec. 2016
The best quality time ever. One of those forever memories to take with us.
Talking all night long; going back in time and forward into eternal things,
laughing our heads off about nothing,
wearing our pajamas back to front,
Thunderstorms and wet dogs and boxing cats and of course
calling after an ice-cream bell to stop so we could once again
taste the fruit of a 'roomys karretjie' (ice- cream cart).

On a more serious note;
we made a deal for us not to attend each other’s funerals
(of course only one of us will have a choice to this)
but to celebrate life while it is still inside these old containers.
Once the tent is taken down our spirits will remain together anyway
and we will have eternity together.
That is the big and the small of the weekend. Xxxx
Figure 3 My arrival.
Figure 4 Two old ladies buying ice-cream. Joan and Glenda
Figure 5 Sisters and sisters children. Steven, Joan, Glenda and Marco.

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Wednesday, 7 December 2016

My Daughters Birthday

My daughter and I  December 1982

Your little body fits my hands, 

Kindred seedlings future grand

Growing faster past my brain

Empty nest and faraway planes.

Now wrinkles in my hands  I hold

years of love in golden old

Fear and wonder fully Thine

The greatest gift and so sublime

Love and peace and joy for you

God has promised, so it’s true.

Happy birthday  final word

God will bless, His love superb.

To Kim

from your mother.

Glenda Harper.

My mind, a turmoil of birthday words, laughter, tears and celebrating happiness. All about having you, and now not having you, but still having you. Oh those 'GPS' wings that programmed England.  Oh those plans of God that operates the 'GPS' …  Today is your birthday