Saturday, 22 July 2017


What happened to the snake?

If ‘hissstory’ serves me right, Oupa Python exchanged his African heritage for a British passport.

Hopefully, he would have lived and have known the likes of slithering under the leadership of Harold Wilson, tasted the iron of Margaret thatcher and  witnessed the inauguration of John Major.  That is if he did not squeeze the life out of the wrong object, and if he lived to a ripe old snake age of 25. What the British do with departed snakes is anyone’s guess. A bag? Shoes? Not.

He did not broaden his horizon outside of the English country side as his passport was all that returned to South Africa with me. There was no investigation as to the whereabouts of the owner that did not accompany his documents.

Our ‘divorce’ papers were signed when Paul Raymond of Raymond’s Revue bar theatre declared that he wanted my show, but not the snake.   I was not cruel, as the relationship between me and the snake was purely a business arrangement wherein snake served as a logo and nothing more.  I was happy to have cleared the notion that a snake was my claim to fame. I did have a show you know!

So what did happen to the snake?  I left it behind in a happy state with a line of voluptuous dancers bidding for the use of its services.  The decision was left with the owner of the girly enterprise.  I danced off in to the English limelight, solo for the first time and enjoyed the ‘hiss-less’ ride.

Even today, after so many hundreds of years, the first questions asked by those in the know is: What happened to the snake? Now you know!
From Glenda Kemp Harper. xxxxxx

Saturday, 17 June 2017


Lonely Christmas Christians; this is for you. (At all times.)

It is almost Christmas. A very busy time for most, but a lonely time for some with more time on our hands than usual. Kids and loved ones are far away or no more.
What an opportunity to use this time to draw closer to God!
Open with my Bible, pen in hand, note book waiting.
I started reading.
What is it with this longing that jumps up and down on my shoulders and disrupts my concentration to the extend of giving up?
I will pray .
“Lord, I will pray. Lord, I will talk to You. You are my friend.”
My mumblings sound like a car in a roundabout that lost track of the exits. Around and around. My words are saying nothing.
“Lord, where are you?
I miss my child.
I miss my sisters and brothers.
But I said that before.”
I can’t pray.
Back to basics. Once I was a new Christian and needed to learn how to pray. Now I am an old Christian and need to relearn how to pray. Dug and found my beginners prayer instructions filed away for just such a day as today.
The wheel of prayer. From a book called: ‘Change your world through prayer’ I had made copies for myself and my youth group a long time ago. I think the author is Bennie Mostert.)
I invite you to do this with me. To start off with, it can be a bit jerky as you will be reading through the explanations and have to force yourself  in to the place where God wants you to be.
The best thing that is coming out of it for me is the loss of self centeredness. It is about God, Jesus and Holy Spirit.  Seeking God’s presence brings us to the needs of others.
I would love you to share as you go along. We can pray for each other but we should focus in mostly on others.
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The above illustration is taken from "The Hour that Changes the World" by Dick Eastman
Here follows direct extracts from the book Change Your World Through Prayer.
(All print in blue is my personal interruption and not in the book.)

1. PRAISE is and act of commitment to God. Through praise we acknowledge God for who He is, exalt Him with our words, our whole being and our attitude, in prayer. All prayer should start with praise. Psalm 115:1 says: “Not to us, O lord, not to us but to Your name be the glory, because of your love and faithfulness.” We praise Him for His name, His justice, love, holiness, omnipotence, greatness, faithfulness, His Word, His Creation, His redemption, etc. You can for instance, use a different theme each time in this time span of praise and worship. Expand on this theme as much as possible, meditate on it, weigh the practical implications of it on your life and the lives of others. Watch out, thought, for a mere repetition of words. (Make your own praise notebook. Write down  praise words from the different Psalms. It is so handy to read them out loud in times of temptation, trials, attacks or just to glorify our Lord and draw near to Him.)

2.  WAITING  ON  THE   LORD is an act of silent love or adoration of God. It incorporates worship and praise to God for who He is. It is to worship God and to praise Him for who He is.
During this period of silence we tune in to (adjust ourselves to) God himself, we direct our whole being to Him and commit ourselves to Him anew. We rejoice in and over His presence. Psalm 46:10 says: “Be still and know that I am God.” We can say this is a very intimate form of communication between God and ourselves, it is I, as the limited (shackled) and finite being before God who is the Unlimited and Infinite Being. We make sure at this point that we are in contact with God. This time of contact with the Lord cannot be hurried, there is no place for impatience and haste here. During this time you think of nothing else but God the Father, His Son Jesus your redeemer and the Holy Spirit. You need not express your thoughts in words. Concentrate on your relationship with God and your love for Him.

3.  CONFESSION  is the condition to admission to God. This is a time of self-examination (introspection) and allowing the Holy Spirit to point out any unconfessed sin to you. I acknowledge my sin and sinfulness before the Lord during this period; I confess my sin and turn my back on it; I break with my sin and accept the Lord’s forgiveness. Confession is the cleansing of the Christian. Sin builds a wall between us and God so that God cannot hear us (Isaiah 59: 1-2)
Our sins are paid for and forgiven solely through the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ on the grounds of His death on the cross. I don’t ask God to change the circumstances during confession, but that He will forgive and change me. Confess each form of failure, negligence and sin.

4. PRAYING  SCRIPTURE – To be able to pray in a balanced way, I have to spend time in the Word. (Very important!)  I must get to know God’s promises and pry themto God. The promises of God create faith. In the first  place the Bible is a book tht has to be believed and obeyed. During this period I ask: “Lord, what promises can I make my own; what commands must I obey; what warnings must I pay attention to?” The Word is your prayer manual. (There are lots of examples of this on my blog. Go to the 'Read and Pray' tab.)  We must remind the Lord of His promises in His Word day and night. As you read Scripture, ask the Lord how to apply it in your life and in your prayer time. Your prayers must become quotations from Scripture more and more.

5. WATCHING – a time of spiritual perception (observation), to be spiritually aware of matters to pray for. It will lead to praying for the needs of others and some of your own needs. You tune into the Lord and ask the Holy Spirit specifically to draw your attention to specific matters, so that you can pray for them. Be especially wary and alert for the  onslaughts of the Evil One during this time. Pray and ask the Holy Spirit to show you the plans, methods, strongholds and strategies of the Evil One. Paul teaches us to watch and pray with thanksgiving: “Devote yourselves to prayer, being watchful and thankful” (Col. 4:2). Satan will certainly try to keep you from praying and confuse you so that you can not concentrate. Be wary, rebuke and resist him.  Be sure to pray purposefully. What are the problems people experience while teaching the gospel? Pray for that. Are there things reported in the newspapers, things that we hear on the radio or see on TV that we should pray for; things like economic problems, political unrest, wars, etc.

6. INTERCESSION –to intercede for others, to pray for others. In intercession we concentrate on the needs and distress of others – we stand in the gap for someone else. Intercession is God’s method to get His children involved in His plan for the world. We become involved in world evangelization during intercession. When you intercede you stand at God’s side and you work with Him for the salvation or for the benefit of someone else. By faithful intercession you can do as much as those who are physically in the field. Work out a systematic plan for intercession, start with your own household and family, then your friends and church, then your town, your country and lastly the whole world. Every Christian should have a burden for lost souls and a world in need. Remember, the church of the Lord also needs intercession. Intercession is not only on behalf of unbelievers. Spiritual warfare is an element of intercessory prayer that deserves a specific place in our prayer time. Pray and ask the Lord to show you through the working of the Holy Spirit where the powers of evil are working. Binding evil forces in Jesus’ Name, break their strongholds and resists them. Resist the devil, don’t give him a hold in your life. Jesus conquered the Evil One on the cross. We as believers must proclaim His victory in each area of life.  Spiritual warfare will also be part of your prayer time during Watching and petition.

7.  PETITION for your personal needs. The believer may, and should come to his Father and pray for his own personal needs. And he can pray expectantly, even for the smallest things. During this period we pray for our “daily bread” and we also pray for spiritual strengthening and equipment for our lives and work as believers. I look to the Lord in total dependence to meet my needs. We must never ask out of selfishness. No, our requests must bring praise to our Father.  Anticipate what your needs are going to be during the day in this period and pray for them.
John Rice said: “Prayer is asking and receiving.” Tell the Lord why you ask these things from Him, thus ensuring that your intensions are pure. Come with frankness, as our Father wants to meet our needs gladly.

8. THANKSGIVING is to acknowledge your appreciation to the Lord for what He has done for you and others. During this period I thank God for who He is, His gifts, His answers to my prayers, His care and provision. Thank the Lord for spiritual, material, physical and any other blessings. Be specific in your thanksgiving and beware of generalizations. Tell the Lord you are grateful. Think about the day or days gone by and thank the Lord for everything which you have received from Him.

9. SONG is melodious worship. Song does not have to be used during communal worship only. The intercessor can sing his own (new) song to the Lord or make use of existing songs as circumstances determine. Song and spiritual warfare (our battle with the Evil One) are inextricably linked to each other. During this period one praises, worships, exalts and adores his Father in song. Your singing can take the form of praise songs, songs that testify to God’s power and grace, thanksgiving and songs about God’s Name.  To sing to the glory of the Lord is definitely a command from God (Psalm 100). Sing enthusiastically and heartily, because you are exalting God. The attitude of your heart and the fact that you are carrying out His instructions are of greater value to the Lord than whether you can sing beautifully or can sing in tune.

10. MEDITATION means to reflect upon or examine a matter more closely (deeply), to evaluate it spiritually. During this period I think about the Being and the nature of the Triune God, His creation and great deeds. You can use a portion of Scripture to reflect upon, a Psalm for instance, but also other portions. Christian meditation is the opposite of Eastern meditation. To the Christian, meditation is an active process of evaluation, searching and pondering, where he uses his full intellect and is led by Scripture and the Holy Spirit in his meditation. Meditation is to ponder in a discipline way. Beware that Satan does not plant his thoughts into your mind. Also beware of negative thoughts during this time. Consider everything that is true, pure, noble, right, beautiful and praiseworthy.  When you meditate on a certain portion of Scripture you must ask yourself, among other things, what this portion means to you.

11. LISTENING is a period during which you ask the Lord to reveal new things to you, things that He wants you to notice and pay attention to. You deliberately ask God to reveal His will and strategies/plans to you.  In waiting on the Lord the emphasis is on loving God. During meditation we want to learn more from God. During the period of listening we want to hear what God wants to say to us. During this period I ask: “Lord, what do you expect from me; what is your will for me?” You can also ask te Lord specific questions, perhaps some difficult questions that you do not have the answers to. Be sensitive to the Holy Spirit. Write down all the thoughts that come from the Lord in your opinion, and put them to the test in the Scripture. Use them as directives for the execution of God’s command. Be careful not to say immediately that: “The Lord said this and that to me.” Always test if the Lord is still with you in the matter and be prepared to make a change of course, if necessary.

12.  WORSHIP, to exalt God and to say to Him: “I know who I am praying to and I trust Him with my prayers (supplications).” This is a period of jubilation before the lord. Let your amen be strong at the end and confirm this that you believe that God has heard you and will answer you. Amen means: it is true and sure, so shall it be.

This is it. The 12 ingredients of our prayers.  You never could think it this easy to spend an hour in prayer.  I sometimes carry the ‘5’ minutes with me and it becomes much longer as I do chores in the house to the praise music or walk with the songs in my heart. Each section can be an hour in itself if that is what we want to concentrate on. Let us not mope about being away from out loved ones. Let us pray and prove our God is a living God who lives in our hearts.  We praise Him as we experience his love, which is stronger than anything else in this world. Jesus is King.


Saturday, 3 June 2017

Photo Reminders

But If I say I'll never mention the LORD or speak in His name, His word burns in my heart like a fire. Its like a fire in my bones! I am worn out trying to hold it in! I cant do it! Jeremiah 20:9

The old me. In Christ I am a new creation now. It is only when the Son shines on you that you recognise your old self and turn him into a shadow with no substance.


I was on my knees and elbows, wanting the best angle for a driftwood shot when I saw it: The stone, twice round; the outer round and the hole round. A time-still moment occurred when I knew God was there. Jesus is risen! The stone was rolled away. The grave was empty.  I knew its place; displayed around my neck for all to ‘read’. Jesus is not on the cross any more. Jesus is not in the grave any more. Jesus is risen! Don’t live as if the stone is still in front of the grave. Roll away that stone.
You have come through the cross, you have risen with Me from the dead, now live it.

He is risen. The stone is rolled away.


With the sun on my dusty car window I saw these patterns in the dust; it reminded me of Johan 8.
Patterns in the dust on my window.

…, so He stood up again and said, “All right, but let the one who has never sinned throw the first stone!” Then He stooped down again and wrote in the dust. John 8:7-8 NLT

“For I the LORD thy God will hold thy right hand, saying unto thee, fear not; I will help thee” (Isaiah 41:13).

 “Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for human masters, because you know that you will receive an inheritance from the Lord as your reward. It is the Lord Christ you are serving” (Col 3:23).

“Holy, holy, holy, Lord God Almighty, which was, and is, and is to come” (Revelation 4:8).

“For since the creation of the world God’s invisible qualities--his eternal power and divine nature--have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made, so that people are without excuse” (Romans 1:19-20).

Friday, 21 April 2017

LIGSKRIF DIGBUNDEL saamgestel deur Ellen Margaret Hancke

Op Reis met LIGSKRIF.



Een Blaai, een woord en twee oe onder water.

Trane sommer so in die openbaar in n lughawe Wimpie.

Kyk, dis nou eers by die “Opgedra aan” bladsy, en goed spring rond in my binneste. Hier kom n ding, Glenda.

Die een woord “PAPPAVADER”.

“Opgedra aan PAPPAVADER.”

Ek ken Hom! Dis my Pappa!

Ek lees iets opgedra aan Hom.   So dra ek sommer net daar en dan myself ook op aan Hom.

U Woord, die Bybel, is die Alfa en Omega. Omdat ons in U beeld geskape is mag ons, skeppers van woorde, U prys op woordgebied. Ligskrif.

(Ek moes meer tissues in my sak gesit het.)

“PAPPA VADER, my bron van soveel krag en genade;” se Ellen. Se ek ook agterna.

Wat God deur die Heilige Gees deur ons kan doen!


Ek is skoon in die wolke; letterlik.

Daar onder le die wit wolkies soos Ligskrif se versies.


Dink ek:

En deur die gaatjies,

nuwe huisies in laatjies.

En hier langs my sit n verlore skapie

Soos die hangkop asem van sy glasie.

Nou hoog in die vrug

Pappa, red hom op U vlug.


Skryf ek:

Die laaste 4 reels van Anze Bezuidenhout se “Laat my daagliks U vrug dra” in my dagboek:


“open my ore om u stem te hoor

ook my oe dat u Woord my kan bekoor

sodat ek my geloof nooit sal verloor

ek daagliks vrug sal dra tot U eer”



Gert J.J. de Bruijn kom toe en praat sommer oor my fotos in sy “Meesterskilder”.


“ons sien so nog n skildery

wat ons gratis van die Meester kry.” (11-12)


As ek mag, besluit ek, wil ek my foto album ‘Meesterskilder’ noem; want wat ek daar in Sy see-tuin sien is net soos Gert Hom in Meesterskilder dien.


Toe glimlag ek heilig vir my onthou, met die lees van “Ek Glo”

“Ek glo dat ek by myself

gedurig in Gods Woord moet delf,” (17-18).




Ellen Hance raak persoonlik. Voorblad my “feilbare vlees” in haar “gebrekkige oes” en verraai my skuiling in “wensdenkery” se “kokon”.  Altyd ‘happy ever after’ as dit eindig met  “voor Hom wat liefde is” en “geure het/ in God”.

Dan die woord ‘giggelgeel’;  so lekker tot in my tone. So sit “wat reg is in

kleur” later n lied in my kamera wat al wat n kleur is inkleur.  Die woord ‘binnekyk” in  “wat reg is in kleur” is die binnekyk wat soos die wolk in die dag en die vuurkolom in die nag deur Ellen se blaaie skyn.

wat reg is in kleur

Geel sal nooit weer geel wees nie. Giggelgeel.  Lifestyle Nursery Johannesburg blomme.

As n mens dig, moet jy n kleur wys, al is dit “die vreemde wit van ontblote spier”.

Die vliegtuig daal nou. So gou. Ek lees en herlees so lekker. Papierboek voel my hande; ek voel terug.


Hier sit ek in my klein hoekie op JHB lughawe en wag. Die lekkerste wag ooit. Ek kuier heeltemal te lekker in Ligskrif.


Kuier, kuier, eet, min tyd vir lees. Net Bybel inpas vir my gees.  (JHB saam met my sussie Joan en my broer Dale en sy vrou van London. Dale terug na drie dae. Joan en ek na Bloemfontein om by my hartseer ouer suster, Hermie, te kuier.  Die laaste drie susters. Die besoek het sy eie gedigte uitgeleef.

Soms suig ek die ligskrif druppeltjies op deur die TV lawaai spons. Binnekyk vs die buitekyk.


En dan is ek terug op die lughawe; Ligskrif en ek gaan huis toe. So lekker met my pen in my hand, om lepel te le met ligskrif vir n hele 3 uure se wag. Geen onderbrekings nie.

Figure 1 My boekmerk.


Dit is so, Eva Mouw, “Alles, alles getuig van lewe”(1), “… sterflikheid” (5) en “… weeropstaan”(10). “Getuienis”.




“pyngedagtes” laat my dink aan die lied en die storie van ‘It is well with my soul’.


Gedigte is mos maar boeke wat in woorde en reels geprop word. Groot stories in woord droogtes. Binnekyk stories.


Soos die vliegtuig in die lug hang, hang ek aan Andy Paulse se lippe. Die anner uitspraak se woorde is op daai treadmill van Leon Schuster saam die borde. Ek moet vining gryp om niks oppie grond te lat vallie. “gehede iets; krukke onnerie tong; boontoe praat; drietandomdraaivurk-lag; mank virrie dankiese”;  en dan is daar “die bakhand oom in woorde ytgevat”. Ai, Andy, ek geniet jou.


Ons gaan land. My laaste ruk hoog in die wolke met Ligskrif.


Ligskrif op die stand.

Selfs die hond is ene ore :)


Lieze Stassen en ek besing nou so kliphard God se grootheid op die stand, dat die branders skoon oormekaar val om uit hulle beperkings te breek van pure genot.



Gert Strydom. “As alles slegs wit voor my oe is”.

Habbekuk 3:17 se asem.


Ockie Strydom en ‘sjoe’ gaan saam. Twee ‘sjoes’ vir “Die tuin van kruip”. Ek will Romeine 1:15 gehoorsaam en daar saam met Ockie in “Modderflodder” ween todat “berusting”(19) die “aronskelk”(8) pluk.

Dan blaai ek terug na Pierre Rossouw en wees bly saam met hom met “Ons Son”, “net in lig kan jy n skadu gooi” (19).


Modderflodder en ons Son



En toe was daar Lettie. Waarlik n ruiker wat in die klop van my hart geplant is. “Nuwe Horison” en “Gebed van die Bejaarde” (asook louise Venter se “Want dis Winter”) is waar drie susters nou leef.  Die klanke van die ouderdom het in my kamera gaan vassteek. Dit was seer.




Louise Venter se ‘My Gebed van Verlange’ hier uitgeleef.  Hermie het in 2010 haar enigste dogter en haar kleindogter in n motor ongeluk verloor. 


My woorde val uit soos n houvrou se omgedopte handsak, Hier is die inhoud:


Die Klank van die Ouderdom

… en nou is daar drie.



Elke groet gebreekte kruik

Gesalfde graf vir jou of my

Roulette gespin, God besluit.

Dowes hoor trompet geluid.


Gedeel deur drie die heiligheid

Begrip in greep ons veiligheid

Vader,Seun en heilige Gees

Susters drie een moeder vlees.



Hande saam in boeke vat

Rondomtalie sustertjies lag

ring- a-ring- a rosy

drie posies


Geskud van binne en omgedop

Leeg gesuig van voet na kop.

5 sintuie  nou gestroop

Nie die sesde –altyd  hoop



minder bloed meer genade

Iemand berei drie kamers

een vir jou en een vir my

dan’s daar drie, ons is vry.



Alles verloor om alles te wen

n Ewige lewe as jy Jesus ken.

So kom die Waarheid, die Lewe

En die Weg.

Is jy reg?

Maar as hierdie susters lag … lag die hele wereld saam.


Dit is so, Eva Mouw, alles getuig van lewe, sterflikheid en weeropstaan. “Getuienis”.


En so liewe Ellen dra ek LIGSKRIF soos “Sy manteljas” net waar ek gaan. Soos jy kan sien.


Ligskrif maak dit lekker om te wag.


Liewe Ellen,

So beleef ek Ligskrif. Op reis, op die strand, by die huis, enige tydjie waar ek wag .

Toegedraai in woorde van mense wat ek not nooit ontmoet het nie. Met opgewonde herkenning van gedigte wat ek not nooit gehoor het nie; asof hulle deurgespeelde liedjies is van my verlede en hede wat nog nooit weggesit is nie.

Hier loop ek rond soos Andy Paulse se “bakhand oom in woorde ytgevat”.  Geklee van kop tot tone met elke digter se woorde.

Wees asb geduldig met my gebrekkige leestekens en aanhaling ens.  Ook my rekenaar will nie saamspeel met leestekens nie.

Baie Dankie vir LIgskrif, Ellen. Dit is n geskenk wat aanhou soos daardie bottomless koffie.

Baie liefde





“En nou”

“Op hierdie dag, een dag in tyd

n oomblik van u heerlikheid” 

Eva Mouw



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Wednesday, 5 April 2017



A dull morning. A dull soul. A dull walk. A dull beach.


Lord, give me something to show Yourself.

Give me something to lift me up.

There is nothing here Lord. 

You are always faithful. 

Today I meet with someone and I have nothing to show her, nothing to give to her, nothing to share. Testimonies must be daily.

My feet drag along the low tide sand.  Low tide pebbles. Low tide sky.

My eye sees a piece of black velcro. I walk on. I step back and another step back. Maybe the velcro is good and I can use it to stick down the mat. I bent to pick it up. Something heavy comes up with it. A watch. Not just a watch but perfect timing; a water resistant watch, untouched by the salt and wet of the ocean. A piece of sea weed colour clings to the strap.

What are you saying to me Father? I walk. I take photos of my find from Jesus.

I walk there and I walk back.

Then like neon letters on a bill board the words from my mouth: IT IS TIME.

 I repeat it 3 times. It is Time.

Then I see Bloemfontein and a gathering and people calling on God.

The gathering is called  IT  IS  TIME.

Never mind who’s human voice God used to call His people together. There is only one purpose; to be before a holy powerful mighty God. To kneel before Him in repentance and call on His name; to make our South Africa His South Africa; on earth as it is in heaven. To make every heart see Him and bow down low before Him in obedience.

Great and mighty is He.

It is time.

“He who puts his trust in Me shall possess the land And shall inherit My holy mountain” (Isaiah 58:13).

“Now therefore we are all present before God to hear all the things commanded you by God” (Acts 10:33).

 Yes, on the 22 April 2017, all the people will gather before God, not before any man.

“And God has appointed these in the church: first apostles, second prophets, … (1 Corinthians 12:28).

“Having then gifts differing according to the grace that is given to us, let us use them: if prophecy, let us prophesy …” (Romans 12:6). “As each one has received a gift, minister it to one another …” (1 Peter 4:10).

And so we hear God’s voice through His prophet and gather as one before God. If not in person, then in spirit wherever we find ourselves.

May we all be of one mind:

“…that in all things God may be glorified through Jesus Christ, to whom belong the glory and the dominion forever and ever.

Amen” (1 Peter 4:11).

Monday, 23 January 2017

Dear Christians

Dear Christians

A thing that bothers me much is the amount of Christians that send around messages that say if we type amen and send the message to 20 (or however many) people, God is going to bless us and we are going to see a miracle or something wonderful will come our way. To me this is total 'fortune telling'.

I am blessed because I am a child of God through accepting Jesus Christ as my savior. By grace alone am I saved. No amount of typing 'amen' and forwarding a message is going to bring miracles into my life. My aim is to love the Lord my God with all that I am and have. Out of that I will be blessed, even when I am facing great trials, I am blessed because it is bringing me closer to my God.

To be blessed by God is to be in His presence and to know that His will is being done in my life. Obedience to Him will come from the heart through Holy Spirit, and does not depend on any ritual. Please Christians, avoid this sort of thing.

Don't let Television and FB or google be your God time. ‘Lock’ yourself in your inner room away from everyone, where it is you and the word of God. Learn to know God in the Bible. Let all the other outlets just be a 'by the way' thing. Whatever verses are given to you from the word, you must study what comes before it and after it and what the rest of the Bible says about it. Don't be deceived.

HERE IS A VERY BIG CHALLENGE FOR YOU AND ME; no touching of our phones or computers before we have given the first fruits of our day to meeting with Jesus in the Bible. At least an half hour in the word and praying before picking up our phones. That is a real hard one. Can you do it? Give it a go and see how truly blessed you are by getting to know Jesus more and more.

With much Jesus love.




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