Friday, 28 November 2014

"Where to, Bongani, where to?"

“Where to, Bongani, where to?”

Bongani is like his foot; wave beaten, rock scarred, gnarled and unlovely to look at. The leg attached to the sand clad foot was stiff and rebellious to his walk. The walking stick did little to fasten his pace.  I could tell that the rubbish bins did not produce much breakfast due to the rain.

These observations made me put my car in to heart gear. Then Bongani was sitting next to me, together with empathy and Jesus love. “Where to, Bongani, where to?”

Bongani bought his bread and something else I could not see. I don’t think he used the R20 I gave him. The bush-shops ‘pain killers’ will take that later.

We sat in comparative silence on the way back to Bongani’s bushes. It was his garden I walked in every day. The sand in my car and his feet were the same sand. My bed was warm and dry, his not.

I put my hand on his shoulder. I wanted him to know I was there for him. I wanted to take him to a doctor with his foot and leg.  But Bongani has more missing than his teeth. He did not understand. “Jesus loves you, Bongani” I said anyway. He held the little children’s Bible in his hand as he wobbled around trying to get his sandal on the one foot.

Two joggers looked shocked to see my cargo unloading.

These are my bush people. I love them because Jesus loved them first.

I remembered the bleeding woman who touched Jesus’ robe to heal (Matthew 9:19-22). That touch.

Jesus can still be touched. Jesus still touches. Jesus still drives the streets. Jesus wears what you and I wear. Jesus in us. Jesus love you in a way no other person could ever love you.


The pictures: Not Bongani. Two other beach-friendly friends of mine.

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The Three thoughts

3 power thoughts as I have an early morning quiet time walk with Jesus on the beach.
(Always I read my Bible and sometimes I read the sea.) Between God and me.
Early walk.
1..  So many rushing thoughts. Wanting’s from me. Wanting those verses about God’s riches; wanting that Presence through deeds and words pouring through my brain and out to the world.
Like those ever moving urgent waves pushing and breaking – giving to the last drop, pressing and sinking in to the edge of the world. Back again: joining, being, doing, breaking and riding the praises of action and white foam fruits. Bearing them with much ado about everything that is God. To God, from God, with God, in God.
Move with God’s ocean until the tide leads you to still waters – stripped of sound and stir.
Never to be underestimated in power and strength by the feet that step in the meek water rest. Look beyond; this still puddle has the backup of an ocean, ready to rise to any occasion. Bring on the waves. Ride them to the glory of God.
2.. Another thought on the litter left behind on the beach.
People passing spilled their guts,
Speaking trash that made their cut.
All this rubbish, what a shame
Alcohol bottles left their stain, 
It’s this country, shoot it down,
I am spotless watch my crown.
I was there the day before
Seeing Jesus’ handle door.
Saw these people find escape
Blind to truth and Jesus’ drapes.
Prayed their hand the bottle miss
Grip the handle to perfect bliss.
Then with Jesus there to dine
Washed away litter, the story sublime.
No one set them litter free
If no one tells them how can they be?
Jesus send me this I know
My sign says God bless you
          let the litter go.
Read between the lines I pray
Jesus loves you He is the only way.
Don’t complain, do something! So I did something. No one taught these people not to litter! No one taught me how not to litter with my punctuation and grammar! Come on, back off with accusations,
that is cruel, give us a lesson of love on how to apply this rule. So this aunty in her state, brought forth words to which I can relate. Words resting on a wall, showing love where litter falls.
[If they rip the sign off too; the back reads: Jesus loves you (anyway)!)]
3.. Another thought
… And as for the action towards the lovely 4 young men drinking and ‘music-ing’; I won’t tell! I want my reward in Heaven.  After Jesus had embraced them, I want to be there to throw my welcome arms around them too.  I love You so very much Jesus. You heard my prayers before the creation begun, and because Your hearing is timeless, You put their names in to the book of life.
Praise and thank God for our Saviour, His Son, Jesus who brings us in to the presence of God.

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Thursday, 20 November 2014

Cast your burdens unto Jesus, He cares for you. (Between God me.)

Between God and me.

20 November 2014

Lord, I must stand in Your presence in Your throne room. I feel I must stand under a long hot shower there by You. I need the water to fall on some aching spirit muscles to bring new life.

I am so tired of people. Not ugly tired but not nice tired. Despondent? If You were human You would be despondent of me.

Firstly, no, this is nonsense, I am ashamed to say it. Please take away the lie from the devil. But I must say it to You, Lord, You see my thoughts anyway. I made 8 more gifts yesterday. Thank you very much for bringing more children. Thank You that I am prepared for 7 extra children as well.  All the gifts and the party cost me, Lord.   How do I count the cost when I am working for You!!!!! Hear me Lord, let me hear You. Take this money I had spent on this end- year celebration as the oil the woman poured over on Your feet and head, Jesus. Let it be a sweet aroma here on earth and there in heaven. Thank you for Your throne room where I can hear Your voice. I love You so very, very much. Look, my moan was a lie from the devil. Lord it is truly a blessing. Praise Your holy name. Amen.

Did I have other moans? Well, Jesus, I pray. I want it to be a fervent prayer so You can hear me and so I can see as clearly as the above ‘moan’ that You have Your loving hand in this young person’s life. Lord, You see that ‘problem’. Oh God, what must I do? What must she do? Take over, Jesus. I gave everything I could think of to make it go away. Is it a health problem maybe? I am not good at praying for healing. But in Jesus name I pray that You heal that problem coming from some malfunctioning  part. Intervene, Lord, and let us praise Your name. And, Lord, please provide a work for her. In Jesus name.  Forgive me for being tired of driving her to playschool and back every day. Give me Your joy and let me thank and praise You for allowing me the privilege of bringing a smile to a person You made different and care for. Bring healing to this precious teenager for all the insults she endured. Everything comes to pass.

“Be good to your servant” (Psalm 119:17).

Did I not just pray this? Did You not just show me You are so good to me. Thank You.

“That I may live and obey Your word”

Is this not my daily prayer? Let it be true in my life. Thank You that I could take Anita to her tuck-shop every morning and afternoon, while her car was broken. Thank You so very much, Jesus, for knowing how tired all this driving made me and for giving me such a good night’s sleep last night. From 6pm to 4am! Never slept that long. You saw my tiredness and wrapped me in Your loving rest. Ps 23 “He makes me lie down in green pastures; …still waters ….restores my soul;” I have so much to thank You for.

PS Thank you for my car Manna, which was a gift from You from my sister. Thank you. Bless every person who climbs inside or even looks at it. Manna, the sandy, doggy, beach car.


“Open my eyes to see the wonderful truths in Your instructions” Psalm 119:18).

You just did. How I praise and thank You!!!


Lord, let me never ever say no to You.





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Monday, 17 November 2014

Negativity; it's a no for me. Talking to God.

God, I wish others could see what You do for me in the Bible. But when I want to tell them or show them and want to put it on my blog, it is not the same.

The bubble is gone. In quiet time hours You encircle me in holy Spirit’s wonder bubble, and we are together: Human woman and God. When others see it the bubble is gone and the words are bare. Holiness walls are running away like a liquid without substance. 

Lord, give Holy Spirit to them so you can capture the forever. I don’t want passing ships in the night acquaintances. I want to pass Your seeds to everyone that crosses my path. I want You to grow it and cause it to be watered, right there in their hearts.

Lovely people with hearts so set in stone. Eyes become a glass door when You are mentioned.  Some have open moments, but the grossness of life since birth has engraved a pattern that spews anger. My prayer is, Jesus, you will fill these hearts with forgiveness and love and their mouths will be the evidence of what you have done.

Get people to run to you with the negative. You, Lord, are my rubbish dump. I take my moans to you. I have seen you turn it to beauty; over and over again. I learnt this from David in the Psalms. He took his trash to You and ended up in praise. Always hope in Your presence, and always Your presence following us as we leave the throne room.

So important to feed our minds and bodies with a positive. Not to waste time watching or reading things that has no eternal value. This is how you hide Gods word in Your heart; by eating and drinking with Him continuously.

Max Lucado says in his book Traveling Light; “God changes the ‘n’ into a ‘v’. You go from lonely to lovely.”


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