Wednesday, 7 December 2016

My Daughters Birthday

My daughter and I  December 1982

Your little body fits my hands, 

Kindred seedlings future grand

Growing faster past my brain

Empty nest and faraway planes.

Now wrinkles in my hands  I hold

years of love in golden old

Fear and wonder fully Thine

The greatest gift and so sublime

Love and peace and joy for you

God has promised, so it’s true.

Happy birthday  final word

God will bless, His love superb.

To Kim

from your mother.

Glenda Harper.

My mind, a turmoil of birthday words, laughter, tears and celebrating happiness. All about having you, and now not having you, but still having you. Oh those 'GPS' wings that programmed England.  Oh those plans of God that operates the 'GPS' …  Today is your birthday

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