Wednesday, 23 October 2013

My Sea Dance Poem

The Beach Dance
The sea at the bottom the sea at the top
Reflecting each other God ordered its job.
From one end to the other
The colours are made
From darkest to brightest and lightest of shades
With me in the centre the smallest of space
But God gave His breath and made me His race.
So all of this bigness and wonders I see,
I do seem so little, woe dust it is me.
Then like the breakers my Jesus fell down
Spilling his blood like a wave without sound
And out of the darkness he carried me up
To share in His likeness I drank from His cup. 
And wonders of wonders saved by the King
Seated in heaven sealed with His ring.
To live now forever come walk here with me
Make Jesus your Saviour and dance by the sea.
Ankles anchored in front line waves
eyes mesmerized, by Niagara caves.
The pool of  Bethesda is stirred
My soul in the water emerged.
each wave to my God subside
Not haphazard, moon hypnotized
Arms splash up in praise
Domino’s reaction, Mexican wave.
The rhythm of the day,
God’s hands shaping clay.
 This book called the sea,
the Bible and me.
Same Book, new story,
from glory to glory

Wave waive - hold it there.

Come praise, let me capture
that whale trait of rapture
Unspring wave
camera fingers
seconds fractions
miscalculated action

Evidence falls flat
wave smooth mat

Then please let me capture the words of the rapture.

My fisherman thinker
I want to sit there on your spot...
Exactly the same to see what you got
In line with your brain
I want what you gain.
You stare out ahead
Not a move, like the dead
But what do you see and what do you think
Your eye is the path to the oceans full link.
Does the water mesmerize you on its hook?
Do you read the movement like a book?
Do you see God there linger?
Drawing patterns with His finger?
Or is there a storm raging in your head?
About things at home and things that you dread?
But the stress will escape
through the rod to the bait
As the sea is the gate
for the patient who wait.

My fisherman stranger
Do you know about the manger?
Where God reels us in
To follow now Him
Catch the fish while you can
Then the fish will be man.
Take this hook, line and sinker

my fisherman thinker.

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