Monday, 17 November 2014

Negativity; it's a no for me. Talking to God.

God, I wish others could see what You do for me in the Bible. But when I want to tell them or show them and want to put it on my blog, it is not the same.

The bubble is gone. In quiet time hours You encircle me in holy Spirit’s wonder bubble, and we are together: Human woman and God. When others see it the bubble is gone and the words are bare. Holiness walls are running away like a liquid without substance. 

Lord, give Holy Spirit to them so you can capture the forever. I don’t want passing ships in the night acquaintances. I want to pass Your seeds to everyone that crosses my path. I want You to grow it and cause it to be watered, right there in their hearts.

Lovely people with hearts so set in stone. Eyes become a glass door when You are mentioned.  Some have open moments, but the grossness of life since birth has engraved a pattern that spews anger. My prayer is, Jesus, you will fill these hearts with forgiveness and love and their mouths will be the evidence of what you have done.

Get people to run to you with the negative. You, Lord, are my rubbish dump. I take my moans to you. I have seen you turn it to beauty; over and over again. I learnt this from David in the Psalms. He took his trash to You and ended up in praise. Always hope in Your presence, and always Your presence following us as we leave the throne room.

So important to feed our minds and bodies with a positive. Not to waste time watching or reading things that has no eternal value. This is how you hide Gods word in Your heart; by eating and drinking with Him continuously.

Max Lucado says in his book Traveling Light; “God changes the ‘n’ into a ‘v’. You go from lonely to lovely.”


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