Tuesday, 21 June 2016

My Testimony My life story!

Where is the young Glenda now? Where will the old one be in 10 years or maybe tomorrow?

The forever me. The new creation. As God sees me through Jesus.

The only reason I am allowed to go back into my past is to use it, to stand on it (not let it press down on me) so that I can testify of God’s grace.

I was blamed for the severe drought in SA at some point.

Dirk de Villiers made a movie on my life. There were two versions. It is very embarrassing when the ‘overseas’ version finds its way to our DSTV.  Believe me the past will always find you. I thank God that it does not matter what people think, but it does matter what He thinks. And as for God, he says “What movie?”

The reason I wrote the book is to show the ‘butterfly’ or ‘bronze snake’ because another international movie is in the making. This movie will only be on the past, as interpreted by the world.

This book was written with Jesus sitting as close to me as my fingertips on the keyboard. Every single item of the past was placed in His hands. The best shrink ever!  How different to go back into your life with Jesus standing by your side.

Plead with couples: Embrace God through Jesus! Imagine if my mom and dad had Jesus sitting at our dinner table! Not spirituality or New Age – but the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ who died and rose and who says “I am the way the truth and the life. No one come to the Father except through Me.” John 14:6
Here the wheels came off the bus. My mother runs off with another man and the kids are scattered. The stepfather wanted only me… until after the abuse and then off to the orphanage to meet up with my sister Joan.

I was number 16 on arrival in the orphanage. The saddest day when my mother, little new brother and stepfather came to visit and I was not allowed to go with them. I scratched deep grooves into my face as I turned into pain. If only I had known God then, I would have known that His plans are good plans.
Happy day: I was born in 1949 and I was number 16 in the orphanage: Isaiah 49:16 tells me that my name is written on the palms of God’s hands. Amen. The grace followed me all the days of my life.

A vision at Easter that set me free. Jesus was on the cross. Jesus beckoned  me to leave my seat and join Him on the cross. I walked forward in the spirit. I climbed up. I turned and sunk into his body, hanging there with him. I saw the crowd below. Screaming insults and disgust in their faces. They were a sad mob. I felt the love of my Lord for them. Then I saw him in the crowd! My stepfather. The one who sexually abused me. I saw him. Jesus saw him. Jesus spoke. Forgive them for they know not what they are doing. My heart became love. The blood of Jesus was like a light covering my stepfather. I cried for him. I loved him. I forgave him. I was free. The tomb was empty. The bandages were removed.

My very first work: I danced at a discotheque in Hillbrow and was offered a job as a go-go dancer. Blame it on my little brother. He collected snakes. (Want to know what happened to my very first snake?  My spine crushed the spineless creature. I was mortified. Never loved snake but it sure worked for business. My last snake was left in London. I don’t know if it ended up as a handbag or continued to dance along other ladies. My act did not need it anymore; my boss said my dancing outshined Oupa.  I never could drive a car up to the age of 32. The pram was my practical transport when running to work 3 blocks away from where I lived. The basket was home to my very first snake. Later I needed a sleeping bag to pull it around.

America! It was a brothel! I washed the oil out of my hair all night long so as not to go and mix with customers. God protected me. The owner took pity on me and let me off the hook. He sent me home. It could have been the end of me.
At home I did up to 5 shows a night. One organiser fetched me from the previous show and the last show had to take me home. Never did any one touch me, always treated with respect. Answer to prayers of my foster parents.
Skeleton outfit: I was ordered thrown in jail for the night for public indecency when stripping to the ‘bone’ in the ultra violet light. The police were really losing the plot. Of course the case had to be thrown out.

How very painful is a divorce! If only I had been back with God! God said we cannot be unequally yoked. (2 Cor. 6:14.)
“Eating the bitter fruit of living their own way” (Proverbs 1:31)
“People ruin their lives by their own foolishness and then are angry with the LORD” (Proverbs 1:31)

God knows individuals. God knows me. When my child went off the track; I knew God. I remembered the creator. My love was going nowhere, I wanted power from above.  This child is my blessing. She is now a speech therapist in a school for autistic children in London. God’s mercy is new every morning. Kimmie loves Jesus too. What more can a mother ask for.
Started going to Bible study. Met Eliza. Hungry for God!!!!

Tent Life truly begun when that ‘pole’ that held my Lord was holding my sins.  Do you see that tent? I was thrown out of there. The devil was very angry about the plans God had for me. I was praying for some teens and the organizer said he knows who I was and his ‘body guards’ threw me out. Well pushed me to my car. I was shocked. But Jesus said if they hate Him they will hate us.
Eliza and me working for Jesus. Puppet shows, concerts, delivering salvation pamphlets. Whatever God was putting in our hearts.

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